CMIP6 data now available in the Climate Information Portal

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CMIP6 based indicators are now available in the Data Access Platform. The portal is upgraded continuously and we are now happy to share a new version of meteorological indicators as well as new items in the Knowledge base.

CMIP6 data in the Data Access Platform
Data Access Platform with CMIP6 data.

At, we have calculated water and climate indicators from IPCC data using ensembles from global (CMIP) and regional (CORDEX) climate models, as well as SMHI’s hydrological impact model World-Wide HYPE. We now launch CMIP6 indicators for temperature and precipitation in the Data Access Platform. The indicators have a relatively high geographical resolution (about 25 km) and can easily be reviewed as maps and graphs in the climate service or downloaded as figures, Excel or NetCDF files. The primary target users are professionals in climate adaptation from countries with poor access to climate information. The portal has shown great potential when elaborating national adaption plans (NAP’s) and in motivating funding from the Green Climate Fund or other donors.

WMO and the Green Climate Fund identified a gap in applications for financial support due to lack of knowledge in how to find and use climate information. In 2018 SMHI was therefore asked to produce the Climate Information Portal and since then we have been working on producing top quality climate information that is easy to find, access, use and understand, says Research Professor Berit Arheimer, who has been involved in developing the platform since the start.
Updated Knowledge base.

The team behind the portal want to use a bottom-up approach to improve the portal based on user feedback.

We are constantly working on improving the portal to make it more user friendly for non-climate experts. Our aim is to update it with new indicators when new CMIP and CORDEX versions are available. If you have comments on the updates or other suggestions for improvements, please fill in our feedback form, says Dr Frida Gyllensvärd, who leads the technical development of the portal.

Please, feel free to explore the updated portal where everything is openly accessible!