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New to climate information?

Start from the Climate Learning Zone to get an overview, e.g. learn the difference between weather and climate. The Introduction to climate information can help you become more familiar with how climate indicators are estimated. It is valuable to understand the basics of the climate indicator production when analyzing climate information. For more details, please go to the Models and Methods page.

Want to know more about the available data and tools?

The Climate Information Portal includes a set of climate and water indicators. Here you can read technical details about the data production including quality checks etc. The indicators are made available in tools for visualization and download. Here you can find guidance in how to use these tools.

Want to learn how to analyze and interpret climate information?

What do you need to consider when analyzing climate information? Here you can find some guidance in robustness and uncertainties.

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Perhaps you can find the answer in our Glossary or FAQ? If not, please answer a few questions to help us improve the Knowledge base.