Here you can find technical details about the data production, what quality checks are performed, known issues etc. 

Data Production​

Here you can find technical details about the data produced for the Climate Information Portal. 

How are the indicators produced?

Data Specifications​

Which data can be reached from which tool? Details about this can be found in the data specification of the tool.

Quality Checks​

Many checks are completed throughout the production to ensure quality of the indicators. Here you can read about the quality process of the data in the Climate Information Portal. 

Which quality controls are done when producing the indicators?

Known Issues​

Climate model data is not perfect and sometimes deviations in data are identified when performing quality controls. 

Scientific analysts should be aware of these variations when using the data. Here, the following issues discovered while processing climate model data are handled using different methods to reduce the discrepancies.

Problems discovered while processing the climate model data