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For example, what is the difference between climate and weather? 

What is the difference between climate and weather?

Weather is what we experience every day, whereas climate is the long-term statistics of the weather. It describes for example the mean temperature for a particular place and time-of-year. Weather has a chaotic behavior and is generally only predictable for up to ten days. Climate is governed by more slowly varying processes, and changes can be described when the drivers of some of these processes change, such as the composition of greenhouse gases.

Difference between weather and climate.
Weather is short-term changes with daily variations. It can change each minute or hour. Climate is the average weather in a specific area over a long period of time, often presented as mean values for a 30-year period.

From greenhouse gas emissions to future climate trends

The climate indicators provided in the Climate Information Portal are the end result of a long chain of model simulations and statistical calculations. In the introduction to climate information we provide a general overview of how to estimate local changes in climate indicators with the necessary steps for an impact assessment. 

From emissions scenarios to climate indicators.